Why Metal Fiber?

Properties Ceramic Port Tile Metal Fiber Ceramic/Metal Foam Why Metal Fiber?
Thermal Expansion Low High Low/High Metal fiber can expand and contract under operating temperatures, preventing the cracking and stress failures of of other types.
Impact Resistance Low High Low Metal Fiber is durable and flexible compared to the brittle, weak nature of the other types.
Formability None High None Metal Fiber holds a key advantage with its flexibility, capable of being rolled or bent for use in any burner type.
Oxidation Resistance Excellent Excellent None MFT uses FeCrAlM alloy to create it's metal fibers, which has the best oxidation resistance.
Flash Back Poor Excellent Poor Metal fiber is guaranteed to never flashback regardless of operating conditions.
Emissions Low < 9ppm Low Metal fiber can boast the lowest emissions at 5ppm NOX.
Cost Low Medium High Metal Fiber sits in the middle, being a premium quality material, but metal fiber gives the far best value for the dollar with its superior properties. Its efficiency and durability will save the most money and time in the long run.

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